Sound The Alarm Bundle 1 (Tour Vinyl) Bundles

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This bundle is limited to 25 so you'd better act fast. It comes with the Tour Version of the vinyl for our latest EP, Sound The Alarm which is Cream/Orange/Black striped tri-color and was limited to 400 Copies. You also get a limited Sound The Alarm themed Slip Mat, a limited Sound The Alarm Icon Guitar Pick Set, and a Sound The Alarm Sticker Sheet. Each order comes with a digital download of the record. See the pic for more details.

A1 Call To Arms 2:36
A2 Bomb Drop 3:06
A3 Years of Living Dangerously 3:09
A4 Good Sign 3:29
B1 Things Change 2:48
B2 Welcome to My Life 2:44
B3 Whatever the Weather 3:01