Anthem "Live From Orlando, Florida." AUDIO DIGITAL DOWNLOAD Digital Download


This is a digital download of the audio only from the Anthem Night of the full record shows we did around Florida in February of 2007. It's now 2013 and we are currently celebrating the 10 year anniversary of Anthem's release in 2003. Happy Birthday, Anthem!!

The Anthem show was recorded at the Social in Orlando, FL.

**important - download to your computer first, this cant download direct to iphone/ipads.

Track List
1. "Welcome to the New South"
2. "The Ghosts of Me and You"
3. "Look What Happened"
4. "The Science of Selling Yourself Short"
5. "Short Fuse Burning"
6. "Motown Never Sounded So Good"
7. "The Upwards War and the Down Turned Cycle"
8. "Escape From the A-Bomb House"
9. "Best Wishes to Your Black Lung"
10. "She's Gonna Break Soon"
11. "That's Why They Call It a Union"
12. "Plastic Cup Politics"
13. "The Brightest Bulb Has Burned Out/Screws Fall Out"