Greetings And Salutations 12" Vinyl Vinyl Records


This is the black vinyl version of our latest record Greetings And Salutations From Less Than Jake. This record is a combination of the 2 EP's we put out over the last 2 years- Greeting's From and Season's Greetings, and has 2 extra tracks that we recorded while doing the Season's EP. All of the colored vinyl versions are sold out so if you want this on vinyl grab it now.

Track List

1. "The New Auld Lang Syne"
2. "Younger Lungs"
3. "Goodbye, Mr. Personality"
4. "A Return to Headphones"
5. "Harvey Wallbanger"
6. "Flag Holders Union"
7. "I Can't Yell Any Louder"
8. "View from the Middle"
9. "Oldest Trick in the Book"
10. "Done and Dusted"
11. "Finer Points of Forgiveness"
12. "Life Led Out Loud"