GNV/FLA Deluxe Box Set CD with DVD


This box set comes with it all. You get the CD version of GNV/FLA with a new look to it. A bonus DVD packed with footage from the whole year that GNV/FLA was made and the touring that followed. There are acoustic and live performances, interviews with the band by the band, and footage from inside Atlas Studios where the record was made. The set also comes with 3- 7" vinyl records packed with acoustic versions of some songs, the B-sides previously only available on the foreign releases, some original demo versions of songs recorded by Roger, and live performances of a few songs. As if this weren't enough, you also get a big fold out glossy poster to hang up on your wall.

Track List

1. "City of Gainesville" 1:53
2. "The State of Florida" 2:15
3. "Does the Lion City Still Roar?" 2:41
4. "Summon Monsters" 2:42
5. "Abandon Ship" 3:29
6. "Handshake Meet Pokerface" 2:41
7. "Settling Son" 3:01
8. "Malachi Richter's Liquor's Quicker" 2:37
9. "Golden Age of My Negative Ways" 1:40
10. "The Space They Can't Touch" 2:53
11. "Conviction Notice" 2:34
12. "This One Is Going to Leave a Bruise" 2:25
13. "The Life of the Party Has Left the Building" 0:39
14. "Devil in My DNA" 3:28

Box Set 7" Songs

"Malachi Richter's Liquor's Quicker (Live)" - 2:24
"Antidote for the Underdog" - 2:28
"Settling Son (Demo)" - 3:01
"Conviction Notice (Demo)" - 2:31
"Does the Lion City Still Roar? (Live)" - 2:44
"All Time Low" - 2:54
"Handshake Meet Pokerface (Demo)" - 2:45
"Summon Monsters (Live)" - 2:45
"Conviction Notice (Acoustic)" - 2:27
"Malachi Richter's Liquor's Quicker (Acoustic)" - 2:20
"Golden Age of My Negative Ways (Acoustic)" - 1:43
"Malachi Richter's Liquor's Quicker (Demo)" - 2:17
"Sleep It Off (Live)" - 2:21