Pezcore "Live From St. Petersburg, FL." AUDIO DIGITAL DOWNLOAD Digital Download


Our first record "Pezcore" from 1994 preformed in its entirety in 2007, All the energy and rawness captured in front of our home state of Florida. Part of our 6 record show dates, "Pezcore" starts out like a shot out of a gun and ends like a cannon. One of our favorite records of our career. This is a DIGITAL ONLY release and ONLY available here in our web store as a 320 bit rate mp3.

1. Liquor Store
2. My Very Own Flag
3. Johnny Quest Thinks We're Sellouts
4. Big
5. Shotgun
6. Black Coffee
7. Throw The Brick
8. Growing Up On A Couch
9. Blindsided
10. Downbeat
11. Jen Doesn't Like Me Anymore
12. Out Of The Crowd
13. Robo
14. Where In The Hell Is Mike Sinkovich?
15. Process
16. Three Quarts Drunk
17. Boomtown
18. Short On Ideas
19. One Last Cigarette

**important - download to your computer first, this cant download direct to iphone/ipads.